General policy



The Management of Scilla Meccanica S.r.l. states the following General Policy for Quality, Safety, Environment and corporate reference values:


Rapidity of action and transparency in all its activities, guided in business relations by the principles of legality, loyalty and fairness.

Customer satisfaction

Understanding and foreseeing the Customer’s needs, constantly aiming at their full satisfaction.


Respect and involvement of people orientated towards continuous training and information activities aimed at professional growth. As well as increasing awareness of the importance of the role played within the company.

Constant orientation to:
  • monitoring of quality performance indicators;
  • pursuit of excellent performance of already existing management systems;
  • detailed knowledge of environmental, safety and Energy performance. By analyzing the present problems with a view towards a continuous improvement of the company’s integrated management;
  • periodic analysis of the reference context, both internal and external;
  • periodic analysis of stakeholders and fulfillment of their needs;
  • periodic analysis of the risks connected with the business process and any opportunities of growth and improvement of internal efficiency.
Applicable regulation

Respect for environmental and safety regulations applicable to its production plants, through an ongoing monitoring of the fulfillment of the requirements.

Environmental respect linked to:
  • technological choices to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impacts;
  • suppliers’ awareness for the pursuit of similar objectives;
  • change in workers’ behavior through awareness-raising activities and internal regulations.

Workers’ safety protection. Technological choices also oriented to the prevention of potential major accidents and to the limitation of their effects. Where the areas of application of Legislative Decree no.81/2008 apply.


Complete transparency in relations with Public Authorities and subjects that for any reason are interested in the company’s environmental aspects. External communication of its policy on safety and environmental respect.


Ghedi (Bs), 07.01.2020

Ancilla Bezzi
General Manager

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