Our foundry and processing departments
Scilla Meccanica operates two separate, yet well-coordinated manufacturing departments, namely the foundry and mechanical processing plants, the latter of which specializing in the machining of shell as well as continuous-cast parts.  

Our foundry
In our foundry, everything starts from the blueprints provided by our customers, based on which our carpenters choose the best-suited mould. Once our laboratory has analyzed and approved the raw materials to be included in the alloy, the casting division will proceed to centrifuge or shell-cast the full or hollow components. Our foundry’s products include: bronze bearings and bushings, strips, plates, clips, and guides, cages for bearings, rings and flanges, all of which ranging in size from 10 all the way to 1400 mm and intended for applications such as industrial, naval, and construction site machinery, mining equipment, steel plants, and hydraulic monitors and taps.

Besides cooperating closely with long-time customers such as machinery manufacturers, we are also capable of delivering custom-built spare parts on surprisingly short notice: as a matter of fact, the degree of flexibility in production we have achieved over the years enables us to handle large-size orders along with the most urgent of requests and do so while optimizing machinery and human resource use and ensuring full compliance with our quality and delivery term standards.

Mechanical processing
Our mechanical processing department is equipped with a wide array of tools including CNC machines, machining centers, milling machines, traditional horizontal and vertical lathes, and EDM machines, our main objective being to ensure full compliance with the specifications we are given.
Besides casting metal parts, we also process the round and flat bars provided to us by our customers and can stamp the parts to be delivered with a tracking code.

Mechanical component assembly
In addition to casting and processing through CNC machines all of the parts pertaining to a given order, we are also equipped to assemble them pursuant to our customers’ requests.