We at Scilla Meccanica have been melting, casting, and machining mechanical components made of bronze, brass, and aluminum ever since the early 80s. The comprehensive, yet highly flexible approach we adopted in the light of and in order to best cater to our customers’ needs allows for quick response times, high quality, and unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

Besides producing and machining shell-cast as well as centrifuged parts, our two production departments also process continuous-cast elements pursuant to our customers’ specifications, peculiar as they might seem. Our comprehensive yet surprisingly reliable and flexible approach to metal part production encompasses melting the raw material, casting it, finishing the cast elements through the use of high-end CNC machines, and, if need be, assembling multiple, individual elements into flawlessly looking and working components.

One of our strengths is synergy: by heeding our customers’ every wish we manage to deliver a virtually indefinite array of cast parts intended for uses that range from equipment and machinery for the construction and steel sectors all the way to hydraulic presses and monitors. Our solid and loyal customer base includes not only domestic but also Albanian, Austrian, Brazilian, Canadian, Dutch, German, French, Indian, Spanish, and Swiss companies.

Our staff of 60 comprises experienced as well as young, highly motivated technicians and craftsmen. The many continuing education and training programs they attend on a regular basis allow us to pursue a steady, yet sustainable path of innovation while at the same time ensuring that our customers be delivered nothing but the highest possible quality.

If you are in search of a company offering flawlessly machined and painstakingly finished brass, bronze, and aluminium parts, do not hesitate to drop us a line. Our sales department will be glad to provide you with all the information you need.